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About Colors and being a Colorist

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Jason Bowdach is a freelance colorist & finishing artist based in Los Angeles, California.  

With a background in post production, independent filmmaking and large-scale international distribution, Jason provides a unique combination of both technical and creative insight that is only furthered by his passion & dedication towards the craft of visual storytelling through color and stunning imagery.

Jason’s color & finishing work spans the gamut from commercial projects for clients such as Adobe and Google, independent feature films, and immersive VR experiences seen all around the globe. 

Jason is a Blackmagic Design certified instructor and publishes training for companies such as Ripple TrainingMixing Light, BorisFX, and Digital Anarchy, and is also a proud member of the Colorist Society International, a professional organization representing colorists.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jason by watching some of his tutorials via Mixinglight and on Lowepost. The simple but effective way Jason teach is quite a rarity to find in professionals and I literally loved watching his lessons. Jason is another FPE lover, and we can surely see that in his gradings!

During our conversation we also had a moment talking about ‘The Seed’, the Film Jason graded that was made partially with Unreal Engine 5. It was interesting to me to know the feel around a production like this, as Unreal Engine will surely be an active part of tons of productions we’re all going to face in the nearest future!

Above this, you can find on Jason’s website different Commercials and production he worked on, that surely delineate his fantastic vision about color grading and Cinema.

In our chat we talked about many interesting things that you don’t wanna miss!

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Thanks again Jason, and thanks to you for reading this article!

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