Beyond ‘It Follows’ Color Grading with Mark Todd Osborne

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Talking with Mark felt like talking with a person I knew for a long time, and that’s probably because I saw so many of the movies he worked on, without knowing at those times that he was the man behind those looks!

I gladly found out that he also uses tons of the techniques and methods I also use, and during our chat, he literally dropped some golden nuggets for us colorists!


But for the ones that do not know Mark, know that he  is a Los Angeles based, Award Winning Senior Colorist for Features, Television Episodic, Commercials, Music Videos and Branded Content.

Noteworthy work: ‘The Act’ (Hulu), ‘Dear…’ (AppleTV+) and Feature Films ‘Silk Road’ (Lionsgate), ‘It Follows’ (Radius) ‘Lowriders’ (Blumhouse),’The Reckoning’ (Shudder) and ‘Need for Speed’ (Disney/Dreamworks), plus commercial campaigns for Lexus, Toyota, EA Games, Wienerschnitzel, LG, Coca-Cola, Audi, BMW, Target, & XBOX. Mark’s meticulous eye and strong visual sense of taste and style, make him a stand out Color Artist.

His work can be seen on HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, Shudder.

Mark is known as a “Premium” Colorist and has strong relationships with several Post Facilities in the Los Angeles area and abroad. In 2015, he created his own Post Finishing company MTO Color inc. delivering top-shelf color to many independent feature films that have gone on to win accolades at various film festivals. MTO Color provides grading & post finishing services for television & commercial-branded content.

(find more info about Mark’s works and techniques on his website or on his IMDB Channel)

Many of us might know him for ‘It Follows‘ a movie that in my opinion, stands out from the Horror scenario of the latest decades.

One of the coolest things Mark revealed about the Grading Process on the movie, was about his approach to a request like: ‘Make it Feel Technicolor, but Modern’, or something similar – and guess what, he did! This movie really has a touch made by an 80s Horror lover!

Mark also shared his career, how he started, and how he came to the point he’s now, grading tons of incredible projects every year, remaining a super humble person like tons of professionals we’re interviewing during these months!

I want to suggest all of you to watch all the projects Mark is working on to literally feel the love for cinema he has and also to give him a follow via Instagram, he’s keeping the audience updated and sharing some interesting tips time by time!

I wanna thank you again Mark for jumping on this call with me, and hope all of you will love our conversation and find some useful and interesting tips!

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