‘Blue’ – A Fashion Film made with Canon C200, now Mastered in HDR

Hey Everyone, Filippo here.

Three years since the first release of ‘Blue’, the fashion film I made started as a camera test for the Canon C200, here we are with an HDR pass made for YouTube.

To be 100% specific, I made this brand new Grading Pass in HDR Rec2020 ST2084 1000nit. The pain behind an HDR Master for YouTube is explained in detail in a blog article I’ll be releasing specifically in 2 weeks from now (oh yes, it’s ready).

Blue is one of those projects that came out from nowhere, a spotless project that saw me directing a great cast of talents without having any specific skill in Directing (in fact, I mainly am a DP).

I thought it was time for an HDR release of the project that gave me back strong feedback from the Filmmaking community back in 2019, and so, here you have it.

Before everything else, be sure to watch the project on an HDR display or (sorry Mr. Scorsese) on your Apple Device (the latest iPhones and iPads support HDR).

Hope you love it as much as I do.

Here you have some stills from the SDR version – enjoy!

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