Chatting around Color Grading with Joey D’Anna

Floating around Color Grading with Joey!

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Joey D’Anna is a colorist and online editor working in the Washington DC area.

He started in post-production doing linear tape to tape online editing, then moved into non-linear finishing and color grading.

Today he grades and finishes short form marketing for TV, and long form documentaries and independent films.

Outside of the grading suite – Joey is a dedicated tinkerer and maker. From classic cars and motorcycles, to racing drones, laser light shows, 3D printers and more – he never has an empty workbench or garage. Joey is also an avid history student, and loves researching the evolution of technology, and cold-war era aerospace history.

Joey is surely one of the most accurate and precise experts we can find nowdays online in different websites such as Mixinglight.

Having Joey as a present figure online assure every professional gold content on a monthly base.

For a person like me, it’s great to chat with professionals like Joey as he literally started from early digital days, something that we can just (especially here in Italy) live in our dreams right now.

Knowing how a professional used to think and work on the early days is just fascinating and interesting.

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