Chatting with Film Riot’s creator Ryan Connolly

This is where everything started...

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Does we still have to make presentation of Ryan Connolly? Don’t you know him already?

Ryan is an American Director, Producer and Screenwriter. You might also know him for the YouTube Channel Film Riot, a channel that professionally drastically changed so so so so many lifetimes (included mine).

As said, Director and presenter most famous for his work on the YouTube series Film Riot and Film State. Film Riot, which explores various filmmaking techniques, has earned more than 2 million subscribers to date.

After attending Full Sail University’s film program, he worked in construction. He then got a job running the video studio for DELL’s gaming division Alienware and he has written and directed a number of short films, including 2013’s Proximity and 2015’s Portal Combat. He owns Triune Films, which produces Film Riot and Variant, and he is the co-creator of Variant.

If you’ve been around YouTube for the first Film Riot’s years, you know how the things evolved. Starting out as a Filmmaking channel, Ryan started involving his brother Josh and more creators to the show, making it the #1 YouTube Filmmaking channel in a couple years. 

During early 2009 and the starting of the DSLR era, finding Ryan and his work was just pure gold.

As he said, he was just sharing his creations, thoughts and ideas on the web, without expecting such an incredible response from the audience.

One of the greatest things Film Riot did (and still does) is bringing all the ‘practical’ notions, that tons of Books, masterclasses, and courses, are just missing.

And if we also talk about Triune Films, this thing is even more evident and interesting. 

I still remember purchasing BTS and extras from their short films like Tell, Proximity, UFO YEAH (man, I literally grabbed them all) and have the possibility. of watching hours and hours of content from behind the scenes like it’s a live masterclass.

I can tell all of you that the Filmmaker I used to be, and most of all, the professional I am today, has been just made possible also thanks to Ryan and Film Riot.

For me, this was n heartwarming chat and one of the most important moments of this year so far. It might seem a simple thing, but for me, having the possibility to talk to a legend like Ryan was a gift.

Thanks again Ryan, for everything you did for me, and thanks to you for reading this article!

Can’t wait to release our new one… any guesses?

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