Filmmaking Journey with Derek Lamoreux

Another round with Derek!

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Derek is a Director and film producer from Canada, now owner of Reuxagency (Canadian Marketing agancy) and SetReady (Film Equipment Rental).

Like many of us he started as a Filmmaker evolving through the years from one project to the other.

During our call we had a talk on how the Filmmaking Industry changed during these latest years and how Derek started his brand new path into the Rental House scenario in Canada.

On the spotlight on Derek website we can find diferent Commercials and Documentary he worked on, bu also some YouTube videos and Vlogs I suggest you to watch. As he said in the Podcast, he wish to keep the YouTube scenario more and more active, and I surely think this is going to be the year for him!

Enjoy our call and deep dive into another conversation between professionals!

Thanks again Derek, and thanks to you for reading this article!

Can’t wait to release our new one… any guesses?

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