Cinema Flares

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Cinema Flares is part of the VFX library made by Plasma Republic. Delivering the best Overlays in 4K ProRes 4444XQ

69 4K Prores 4444XQ Clips ready to be used!

Our files work with every editing program

Just drag your files above your timeline and set the compound mode to screen or add for the desired effect

Why Using Cinema Reflections?

Files that fit everyday needs.

Working with any footage

No matter on where you'll be putting these files, they work with every type of Footage!

For a Professional Usage

In a world full of low-res files, we made uncompressed VFXs that will allow you deliver professional productions.

Working with any Software

It's all a matter of drag, dropping, and choosing the compound mode: these files will work fine on every editing software!

What's in the box?

69 4K Prores 4444XQ Clips ready to be used!

Professional Flares

The Flares have been filmed using vintage lenses, in order to give you a personal and iconic touch!

Adaptive Clips

All those clips will bring their DNA to every new production you'll be making. Just put them in your timeline and enjoy the results!


Plasma VFXs are designed to blend your entire project in a unique cinematic tone.
We focused on the reservation of image integrity in creating a stylized look.
Every clip has been optically captured using high-end cameras and lenses from multiple families.

VFX that gives you
great tangible results.

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