Cinematography Designer

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Cinematography Designer is the complete library made by 331 high-res images of cinema equipment (lights, cameras, gears) of every department involved on a shooting. A must have tool for Cinematographers, Filmmakers and Creatives.

331 PNG Illustrations of Cameras, Gears and Tools used for the Creation and design of shots and cinematography schemes.

Every programs that supports PNG files

Drag, drop and create your scheme! Check the video below

Why the this product is an absolute must?

And most importantly, what’s included!

All the Light Emitters on the Market

We have literally designed all the famous emitters you know (and some that you probably don't) in various forms and representations.

From Crafty to DIT Station

Bring on set and design everything, literally EVERYTHING you need to put on the scene!

The importance of the 'extras'

Most of the 'designer' apps and products have just lights: we put on this products emitters, modifiers, props... everything you need to design (see below)

long live the set

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What's in the box?

331 PNG files ready to be used!

Professional Use

For top notch schemes!

Adaptive Files

Type the 'thing' you need and drop it on the scheme!


We made Cinematography Designer thinking about all the professionals that wants to bring everything they have in mind on professionals visual schemes, differentiated by images fully designed by Plasma internal artists.

Images that gives you
great tangible results.

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