Colorist Sidekick

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Colorist Sidekick is the first PDF made for all the Colorists that want to take track of their professional services in a methodical way.

A PDF file that you can use Digitally or Phisically by printing it.

Every programs who opens up a PDF, and still, ready to be printed!

Organization Booster

Being organized is key when it comes to working on long-term projects. Your clients ask for specific flavors and need specific deliveries: Colorist Sidekick will let you keep track of everything needed.

Workflow Booster

Your main task is to make things look proper and in the way your clients want them to look. Is CRUCIAL to invest time and energy in what matters the most. Colorist Sidekick is made to eliminate the extra fluff from your daily Workflow routine and deep focus on what really matters.

Productivity Booster

Feedback, adjustments, and long to-do lists will just be a matter of sitting down marking the tasks made. Colorist Sidekick will dramatically increase your productivity by eliminating the additional time you would normally spend on extra communications.

What programs are compatible?


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,


Adobe Indesign, Adobe After Effects,

Davinci Resolve

How to Install and use them?

You don’t need to! Just save them in a warm place and use them any time you need! And if you lost them, come back here and re-download them for Free in order to have a fresh start!


What programs are compatible?

It’s a PDF, you’re ready to go!

How to use it?

After the download you can easily mark everything your project needs and all the feedback received.

About author

Filippo Cinotti is a DOP and Colorist who operates  worldwide on the commercials and film industry.

He started his career as a freelance FIlmmaker back in 2008. After few years in the Industry, he worked as a Freeflysystem MOVI Operator for a while, deciding then in 2016 to translate everything he was doing mainly into the image craft in its entirety.

With Plasma, he decided to take his knowledge and craft professional Masterclasses and products for the Filmmaking community.



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