Film Opening Titles

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20 Cinematic Title Presets Ideal for making visually spectacular Music Video/Film Titles and strong Graphic Design Work (all working with (Premiere Pro/ Davinci Resolve/Final Cut/Photoshop, just by adapting the PSD files). With this title set, you can quickly enhance and modify the appearance and feel of your projects with only a few clicks!

20 PSD templates ready to be edited and dropped on your timline!

Our files work with every editing program that take in the input PNG files

Install the fonts, open the PSD, edit it as you wish, export them as PNG and just drag your files above your timeline!

Why Using Cinema Opening Titles?

Files that fit everyday needs.

Working with any program

Take the PSD; edit it as you want and just drag the export above your timeline - openings done!

For a Professional Usage

Start your project by adding a professional touch to it with our Titles: Inspired by the Best Film Openings

An Iconic touch that pays off

With these inspired openings you'll surely be creating brand new openings that carry the flavor of the best movies that made history!

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What's in the box?

20 PSD files ready to be customized!

Professional Titles

The Titles have been created with the main Inspiration of the best movies ever created - a sure win!

Adaptive Files

Just open the PSD with Photoshop, change the titles and carry it whenever you want (for video and photo usage)!


Plasma Opening Titles are designed to give your production a defined mood.
Every title is inspired by iconic movies that will surely give your production a professional touch!

Templates that gives you
great tangible results.

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