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The physical copy of the ‘Light Bible’ AKA Light Emitters Handbook, and the physical copy of the Light Schemes Handbook.

All you need to know about lights

From their families (categories) to specific consume, adaptability to stands, pros, and cons of every light available now on the market!

Every emitter, everything to know

Every single emitters have his own characteristics, know them all, see them all at work, and decide what's the one that fits your needs!

ALL listed for you

This is the definitive guide for Filmmakers and cinematographers: all the existing emitters, divided per family and type of emitters, with all the technical specifics… what might be missing?

What's in the box?

Two MUST-HAVE books!

Bring it with you

You can decide to print it or have it digital, it's going to be your next best friend when you're prepping the next set!

Know what will work best

Every set have different needs, know what you'll need next

Plasma Republic