Set Bible

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Set Bible is the Definitive tool for Directors and Filmmakers made by Aurora Ovan for Plasma Republic. With this PDF in your hands, you will have a clear vision of your next project and will be always lead on the correct direction!

A Downloadable PDF file that you can use in any way you want, print it Physical or use the Digital file!

You can open and use the PDF with Adobe Acrobat or any kind of PDF reader that you surely have on your machine… ‘cmon, it’s a PDF.. we’re in 2022, you can open this.

Aurora Ovan, the creator of the Set Bible, will clearly explain it to you in this video below.

Why the this product is an absolute must?

And most importantly, why it will change your workflow forever.

Taking action

This Bible will allow you to actually start in the proper way the movie-making-process.

Respect a Story

You won't EVER again shoot something without respecting the core behind it: a story!

Do things in the proper way

Doing things with a specific sense is a thing that doesn't happen all the time: use the bible to keep track of you incoming project scenario.

What's in the box?

A PDF necessary to Filmmakers and aspiring Directors

Professional Use

For top notch projects!

All case scenarios

No matter what you wanna tell, it will become awesome

Product made in collab with Aurora Ovan [DARE Prod.]

Aurora Ovan is an Italian Low-waste writer director with international experience in commercial, music video and short films. If she was a movie she’d probably be The Iron Giant even tho she can’t wait for the next D. Aronofsky’s masterpiece.


We made Set Bible thinking about all the professionals that wants to bring a great story to life.

This tool will help you in the making of it. It’s about responsabilities and proper methods.

The only Bible you need.

Grab it. Use it. Share this page link if you like the content.
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